Delicious and Healthy Food

Camp FoodAt New England Golf and Tennis Camp, we understand that great food isn't just a meal; it's an essential part of the camp experience. As a smaller camp, we're proud to offer delicious, freshly prepared meals each day by our experienced chefs. Here's why our culinary offerings stand out and ensure our campers are well-fed and energized for their adventures:

Nut-Free and Allergen-Safe: At NEGTC, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our campers. That's why we maintain a nut-free environment, ensuring a secure dining experience for all campers. In addition to being nut-free, our kitchen team is well-prepared to accommodate various food allergies, including dairy-free and gluten-free diets.

Diverse Dietary Options: We believe in the importance of catering to a variety of dietary preferences. Campers with dietary restrictions or specific dietary choices, such as vegetarians and pescatarians, can expect delicious and satisfying meals that align with their needs. We ensure that all campers can enjoy their meals, irrespective of their dietary requirements.

Fresh Fruit Bar: Each day at NEGTC begins with a burst of freshness. Our fresh fruit bar features a colorful array of seasonal fruits that provide a nutritional boost to kickstart the day. Campers can indulge in a range of options, from crisp apples to sweet oranges, ensuring they are ready for their camp activities.

Salad Bar Extravaganza: Our salad bar offers an impressive selection of choices. Campers can create their own salads with fresh vegetables, greens, and an array of toppings. It's a perfect way to enjoy a balanced and satisfying meal while embracing individual preferences.

Pizza buffet websiteDelectable Desserts: We firmly believe that every meal should end on a sweet note. Each dinner at NEGTC concludes with a delightful dessert that campers eagerly anticipate. From freshly baked treats to mouthwatering sweets, our desserts add an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience.

Nutrition and Freshness: We place a strong emphasis on nutrition. Our culinary team is dedicated to providing well-balanced meals that not only satisfy taste buds but also provide the essential energy for an active day at camp. We prioritize the use of fresh, wholesome ingredients to create meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

Great food is at the heart of the New England Golf and Tennis Camp experience. Our commitment to offering a diverse range of food options that are both delicious and healthy ensures that every camper enjoys a satisfying dining experience. From accommodating food allergies to providing fresh fruit and salad bars, we ensure our campers are well-nourished and ready for their camp adventures. After all, every meal at NEGTC is an opportunity to savor the joys of camp life.

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