Golf Technology

Golf Lab

Golf InstructionOur golf camp's Golf Lab is a cutting-edge facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance every camper's golfing experience. Featuring advanced tools like TrackMan and a Simulator, along with a professional-grade putting surface, the Golf Lab is designed to take golf training to the next level.

TrackMan is a revolutionary radar system that provides detailed data on ball flight, club speed, spin rates, and trajectory. Campers can use this information to analyze their swings, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune their techniques with precision.

The Simulator adds an element of realism to the training sessions by allowing campers to play virtual rounds on world-renowned golf courses. This immersive experience helps them practice course management, shot selection, and adaptability in different playing conditions.

Additionally, the professional putting surface in the Golf Lab provides campers with the opportunity to focus on their short game skills. They can work on their putting stroke, reading greens, and mastering various putting techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors.

With the Golf Lab's advanced technology and expert instruction, campers can refine their skills, gain confidence on the course, and take their golfing abilities to new heights. It's a dynamic environment where learning meets innovation, making each day at the golf camp an exciting and rewarding experience for aspiring golfers.

TrackMan is Changing The Way We Practice

trackman pictureTrackMan provides the platform that helps you improve your golf game whether you are a Junior Golfer or a Tour Pro looking to cut a few strokes off your round. Having access to reliable swing and ball flight data is essential to improving your game in an efficient way.

Led by three-time PGA tour winner Kenny Knox, New England Golf Camp is one of only a few junior golf camps using the cutting-edge TrackMan technology. TrackMan is a revolutionary piece of technology that provides golfers of all levels with performance related information. It takes all of the guess work out of yardage control, proper golf ball and equipment needs. We use this daily with our campers by utilizing Doppler radar technology. TrackMan measures the exact three-dimensional club movement and ball flight and provides precise data on the ball launch, ball flight and ball landing. TrackMan measures the full distance and trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of one foot per 100 yards. 

Video Analysis

New England Golf and Tennis Camp uses a digital video coaching system. The system is generally recognized as the leader in golf instruction technology.

​Video analysis allows you and your instructor to view, analyze, and diagnose your swing, simply and precisely. With the help of video, your golf instructor will provide a clear understanding of your current golf swing and how to improve it. ​A lot of uncertainty is removed when you see your swing compared to a PGA professional.

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