Our Tennis Director

Craig Shields

CraigWe are delighted to welcome back Craig Shields as our Tennis Director. Craig's extensive experience, spanning 30 remarkable years in the tennis industry, including time on the professional circuit and as a college coach, has established him as a distinguished figure whose expertise and passion for the game are unparalleled. His commitment to fostering talent at every level, from budding enthusiasts to nationally ranked juniors, underscores his exceptional role in the world of tennis. As the driving force behind a leading tennis consultancy, Craig has spearheaded programs nationwide, catering to players of all levels. His expertise extends to organizing and promoting tournaments for the ITA, USTA at the state, southern, and national levels, showcasing his deep-rooted commitment to the competitive spirit of tennis

Nurturing the Future Stars of Tennis
Beyond his remarkable journey in the tennis world, Craig Shields is fervently passionate about coaching and imparting his profound love for tennis to the next generation of players. At the heart of his coaching philosophy lies the conviction that a solid grasp of the basics is the cornerstone of becoming a successful tennis player.

Craig's distinct edge as an instructor comes from his extensive experience across all levels of the sport and his exceptional ability to forge meaningful connections with the students he mentors. His coaching style transcends mere technical prowess, embracing the mental facets of tennis to cultivate resilience, concentration, and strategic acumen among his proteges. Craig's knack for boosting young players' confidence is unparalleled in the realm of tennis.

At New England Golf and Tennis Camp, Craig's mission is to motivate young athletes by sharing the rich tapestry of his experiences, the valuable lessons gleaned from his career, and his relentless enthusiasm for tennis. His warm personality and deep understanding of the game position him as the ideal guide for campers, whether they are holding a tennis racket for the first time or aspiring to refine their skills further.

Craig and studentPathway to College Scholarships
With his deep-seated expertise and passion for tennis, Craig Shields stands as the quintessential lead instructor for our summer camp. His track record of coaching success is well-established, and campers will benefit greatly from his engaging demeanor while enhancing their tennis capabilities. For those dreaming of securing a college tennis scholarship, Craig's reputation and network among college coaches are invaluable. He possesses the precise knowledge required to navigate the NCAA collegiate tennis landscape. Aspiring college tennis players and their families will gain immensely from leveraging Craig's expertise in their journey through the college selection process.

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